Scrivener for Windows on WINE. Recommendations?

I want to run the latest Scrivener on WINE on a test machine―then the BETA if permitted, when available. It’s a Dell Precision 6400 laptop with an intel core2 processor. I’m only going to run it from the pen drive (if I can). (I know that this will slow me down a bit.) Any particular flavor of Linux (+WINE) that might run it best, out of the box or with lesser tweaking? Sixty-four bit? No time to tweak at the moment. Thx, kraml

FWIW: the latest 1.x version of Scrivener seems to be running fine (limited testing) on Linux Mint MATE 18.2 (64 bit) under the most recent stable wine (2.0.2). k

I use wine-staging (2.17) for gaming purposes, and I’ve never had an issue with Scrivener. If space is an issue, I’d say find which live distro you like best and go from there. Scrivener should work out of the box with it. Definitely look up fontsmoothing, since that helps a bunch with how it looks.

Thanks garpu! Waiting for Scriv 3.0, too. k