Scrivener for ZX Spectrum

When will the trs80 port be completed? than I need a c64 and Amiga port as well. And why has it taken so long for you to support this market that will make you rich?

I’m concentrating on taking full advantage of the 128k Spectrum+ at the moment, but obviously that’s a technical challenge while continuing to support 48k users. BBC Micro support will most likely come before the Commodore and Amiga, sorry!

You’re going to alienate a strategic market!! Don’t you know how many users would flock to scrivener if you did this?

Is this an anti-American bias? Were the TRS-80, the Radio Shack Model 100, even the Commodore 64, insufficiently popular in the UK to appreciate its platform-dominance here in the US?

Such sad, short-sighted thinking. I shall vote with my closetful of discarded computers and take my faded electrons elsewhere. It’s bad enough I can’t buy Scrivener on a 360k floppy.

Brings back so many memories . . . worn-out symbol shift keys. . . .

Did you cobble that image together, Keith, or is it actually running in an emulator?


But will it sync with iCloud? If not, how could you access your work in progress from your Apple Watch? :wink:

That is hilarious!

It occurs to me that the way to succeed here is to emulate the Spectrum on the iPad, with current Scrivener guts behind it…

A real nostalgia market no doubt; and think of all the trash80 (whoops) and other delightful – and maybe important – pasts you could visit.

Sort of like the Enterprise flying tight around the sun, in the movies, sort of.

I think they got that idea from an old Superman comic, by the way.

May you never come across Kryptonite, Keith :wink:


p.s what is the state of that imaginative’s novel, anyway? And do you hobnob with the Cornwall Cornwell Le Carrés??

p.p.s.with all the iPad trash I’ve had to clear out of this less forgiving forum editor, might have to go to writing the shots on Scrivener first. Now where is that emoji pane? Aha: :coffee: Could be cocoa…!

I can’t wait to save my novel on a TDK cassette tape!


Yo don’t diss Scrivener for Apple Watch mon! I’m currently dictating my thesis on Scrivener, while jogging and fencing don’t you see? :open_mouth:

Before you go porting to these other IMPURE platforms, how about keeping it in the Apple family, huh?! I say you start with the iPod Classic… or the iPod Shuffle! And what about the Apple Newton? Where’s the Newton love, you… you… traitor! :laughing:

+1 for the Newton!

I liked the Newton also, baulky beast that the first one was :wink:

I want Scrivener for my Atari ST520 with its massive 512Kb of RAM, external 3.5" floppy and its absolutely brilliant 12" paper-white monitor with it’s great 640 x 480 resolution!


I think the PalmOS is a serious oversight. I’ve still got my IIIxe somewhere and it’s monochrome screen would give distraction and content free editing. Also, I think it has seniority over the Newton. Unless we’re talking Isaac Newton, in which case…carry on.

At last, someone who values the purity of it all! “Scrivener Mini, for those who want content-free writing! A single black editing window, where nothing can be entered or edited.”

That should result in the opposite of NIAD. “NIE, Nothing In Eternity!” :smiley:

Thanks lunk. I think you’d agree that content, and typing in particular, just gets in the way of creativity. I credit this philosophy with my spectacularly limited output.

Content is definitely overrated. Creates nothing but trouble, if you look closely. :wink:

… and being creative seldom makes you content. :open_mouth: