Scrivener Formating & Compiling issues

Hello everyone.

I’m using scrivener 3 on windows 11 and I’m fairly new to it. I wrote around 50 poems and want to compile it into a book to print it as a gift (5.06"x7.81").

The only problem is that compiler seems very complicated and my poems formatting and margins are all over the place.

It feels like the whole text is center-aligned.

Is there a way to make the editor view more like compiling view ?

Below I have attached some pics.


Hi Donnienanqimi. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can actually do the opposite: make the compiled output be like the editor.

For that, you need to set your section type(s) to compile as-is:

See what section type your documents are assigned to


If you previously had a title to your poems that came from the binder, you will have in this case to type it in the document itself and format it.
What you see in the editor is what you will now get at compile.

You can also use page view in the editor, so that the editor becomes a bit more wysiwyg.