Scrivener Formatting Question: I need help with my "-st" and "-th".

Not sure what the correct english grammatical term for it is called…

In Scrivener, Why does “-th” or “-st” (eg. 20th, 21st) create an extra space between its own sentence and the one before it, apart from the rest of the paragraph which are equally and properly spaced? I’ve tried to fix this with the spacing option, but its value has already been designated… What am I missing? What can be done? Thank you.

It would depend upon your font and line spacing attributes. I’m not seeing any line-spacing distortion with Scrivener’s default settings, for instance, so it would help to know what you are using.

Generally speaking though, calculating the correct value for the line height as a fixed value based upon the point size of the font in use, and setting the line height to “exactly” that in paragraph settings will avoid line spread issues caused by on-the-fly multiplication (such as 1.2 times the calculated line height). The one downside to using fixed measurements is that if the calculated line height needs to exceed the fixed height, then stuff text or other elements can get jumbled up. It is for this reason that Scrivener uses the more basic but forgiving multiplication technique by default.

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Kind of hoping that this issue coincides with resolving with the beginning-of-chapter punctuation with the big “S” extra-spacing its own sentence apart from the rest of the paragraph.

These are my settings:

You can’t really do drop caps in programs that do not have canvas style desktop publishing layout models. This is just a text editor. That’s one answer to the ordinal (th/st) problem by the way that many people take: just don’t worry about it in Scrivener since the publishers will be handling nitty gritty details like line-height, let alone drop caps and other design elements.

At any rate, sorry I should have been more specific: the line-height and spacing settings are what really matter here. You’ll find them in the Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing… menu command, or via the line-height drop-down menu, under “Other…”.

That’s where you would be trying my suggestion of using an “exact” line height in points.

Thank you for this, Amber. Because of you, I have now downloaded Scribus to enable desktop publishing, which is crucial for me as a self-made author. Thank you.

Hope it works out well for you! I tried it several years ago and looks like it has come a long way.

I wish the same for you, for whatever writing you do!