Scrivener Freeze on first attempt

I didn’t get very far. Typed a practice paragraph, hit save, paragraph disappeared and everything seized up. No buttons/tabs would respond. Closed program, reopened, still nothing. Uninstalled today after fresh boot-up didn’t change anything, reinstalled, no tabs would work. Closed program and re-opened, paragraph from yesterday reappeared (WHAT!?!) and tabs work now, but Very Slowly and I get different options with right or left mouse clicks. Not trying to be difficult, but with all the sporadic behavior I can’t yet tell how things are supposed to work. Windows7 (64bit), 4Gb ram, Intel i5 processor.

Just went back to the program to check something and it has seized up again and my paragraph has again disappeared. Where does it go??? Now again when I right-click on ANY part of the program, a little window pops up with a check mark: Main Toolbar. And that is the ONLY thing that responds; I can turn on and off the Main Toolbar

Well, I waited for the new Beta, but nothing much has changed. Can’t access the prior pages I had saved and right or left clicking any File, Edit etc tabs at top give no choices but “Show Toolbar” or the exact same list of options to Edit,Copy, Paste, move to sub-chapters, etc. I’m pretty good at intuiting uses, but this program has me stumped. I can’t even get out of the barn with it.

Now THIS is interesting. All this time I thought it was the Beta that was not functioning. Turns out it does respond when I Mouse from my laptop, but I normally rely on my WACOM tablet and its mouse and Scrivener does NOT like my WACOM. I can get hardly any response from any clicks of the Wacom mouse, but full access to everything from my laptop keypad. Wonder what that’s all about?

Wacom pen and mouse (Intuos 2) both work fine with Scrivener on my laptop. I have installed it recently with the newest drivers from the Wacom website.

Well that’s good to know. Thanx. I use the Wacom for everything and never have any trouble with compatibility to any program (until now). I’ll be investigating this further because I want to get the most out of both.