Scrivener Freezes after Beta V15 and V14

I’m sorry if someone already posted something like this, but I’m quite tired of this to be happening again. I have spent the last 1 H trying to get Scrivener to work.

Until this morning I have ignored the update for Beta 15 but decided to give it a try, when the update bar as at 61% it just stop, it stayed there for quite some time then the whole program just froze.
I became curious and came here to download the last version, I uninstall the Beta 14 and install the 15, but when I open the program after 30 seconds it froze, I wasn’t writing anything but browsing over the tabs to see what had changed.

After that I decided to throw the towel and go back to Beta 14 for the moment so I could work, I tried to uninstall the Beta 15 but the program said I still had some file open, even after closing all of them down, I had to restart the pc so I could uninstall, after that I install the Beta V14, after deleting everything from the Beta 15, but for some reason after I open a saved file and wrote a few words it froze too.

So right now I’ without a program to work, I really regret updating to the Beta 15 it screw everything up. :cry:
It seems I have to wait for the final product.

You’re sure to get more helpful responses to this if you post in the forum specifically for beta testers: