Scrivener freezes when adding extra levels in export formatt

My Scrivener used to work fine until today when I tried to add extra level in the Export > Formatting panel. For example, I have Level 1+ for all three section types: Folder, Stack, and Document. I can add one extra level, e.g. Level 2+, to any one of them. However, when I try to add another level, Scrivener freezes. I’ve tried cleaning up all Scrivener preferences, reinstall the app, and create a new project file. Nothing works so far.

Does anyone encounter the same issue? I appreciate if any one can help me solve this problem!

I am using Mac OS X 10.10 and Scrivener 2.6.

Yes, we just figured this one out with the help of someone else today. Please reference this post for information on how to get around the problem for now.