scrivener freezes when opening my project

A few days ago scrivener started to have problems when opening my project. At first, it took far longer than usual to open it, i.e. I could see my project window but the spinning circle of windows 10 did not vanish. When I stopped the program a with the task manager fter a few minutes and restarted it I could get into my project. , Today even a restart of scrivener or of Windows did not help at first. After 10 trials or so I got control after waiting for about five minutes. And the same problem affects all my backups too. I have the latest scrivener version for windows (1.9.8). I’m using Windows 10 and no other windows program shows any increased start up time. My manuscript has ca. 110.000 words, the whole project has a size of about 45 MB.
My smaller scrivener projects also take far longer to open, but at least the spinning circle vanishes after a while.
However, my big project is the most important now, as I am in the final stages of revision… Please advise how to proceed without endangering my project.

Please, try the new Scrivener.exe reported in this thread:

I does not help. Besides in my case it was not a delay of 10 seconds but of several minutes.
And now the scrivener projects do not open at all (spinning circle does not stop even after 10 minutes.) This is a very awkward situation for me, because I have to do a final revision of my manuscript and now after having worked with scrivener for three years I have to try several times and wait each time 5-10 minutes before getting control.

The hotfix supplied worked. Thank you.