Scrivener Freezing on back up

Whenever I try to back up my project – either when manually using the “back up now” button or automatically when closing the document, the entire program freezes and must be force quit. This is a new problem in the last few weeks, even though I have no changed my back up settings. I have my files being zipped and backed up to Dropbox. Note that the Dropbox folder exists both on my hard drive and is synched to the cloud.

So far, I’ve just used “save” and I can still keep working on the project, but obviously I want to be able to back it up!

Please help!

The Dropbox part of the equation is probably irrelevant, as it works by changing the contents of a folder on your computer. From the computer’s perspective and everything running through that computer, there is nothing remarkable about the folder or files within it.

What might matter is the zipping. I would try with the flag off and see if the backup works. If so, then set zip back on, and then take these steps:

  1. In Scrivener’s General preference pane, enable internal error alerts.
  2. Open and leave that open in the background.
  3. Try manually backing up with File/Back Up/Back Up Now.

Check for error messages in console, and of course if you get an warning box with diagnostic data in it, then something definitely broke. Let me know what you get from either.

If the zip flag makes no difference, I’d make sure it isn’t project specific. Create a new blank project, type in a test word, back it up. Any issues with a simple project?