Scrivener Gold crash, lost project

Hi, am new to Scrivener, just downloaded Gold freeware to try it out.
I imported a manuscript, gave it a name, did ten hours of writing and organizing work on it, and was absolutely thrilled by the program’s capabilities. I was in the midst of creating and renaming a new folder in the Binder mode, and BAM, the program crashed. When I reopened it, my project was GONE.

I have not and will not restart my computer until I figure this out…

I’m heartsick. As you know, even if the writing I did was IMAGINED as great, it kills you to lose all that work. I’ve searched my computer for application support and any Scrivener files, but the project, at least under the name I gave it, is GONE.

Can someone please help me figure out how to recover it without having to go to a data recovery place and pay a fortune?

Thanks much.

Moved to the Scrivener Gold forum. I have replied to your e-mail.