Scrivener <-> Google Docs w/notes; Language/Correction settings MacOS

Hi to all,

I am searching for an app to do a collaborative book project. I’ve read great reviews of Scrivener and I want to try it but before I need to know if things will work:

1 • I am on Mac, the editors/writers are on PC

2 • My mac is in English but I will work in Portuguese,
Can I have the interface in english and correction in portuguese? How do I set it up?

3 • I will use scrivener they will use google docs. Is it easy/possible?

4 • Editors may do text and add notes in google docs. How to setup this workflow in a way I may import changes and continue my work in Scrivener

I saw [url]] and it got me confused

Before I try and buy I want to get a solution that might help me in the long run and on more than just this project

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can try it out for free during thirty days.

Thanks for trying to help but I was wondering if there was a workflow that can make scrivener<->google docs back and forth doable

There is also the language issue since i write in portuguese but use Mac OS in english and wanted to know if there is also a way to get this issue addressed


The best way to determine whether Scrivener will meet your needs is to make use of our extended free trial.

Scrivener uses the built-in Mac OS spelling and correction tools, so you can write in any language that your Mac supports.

Scrivener cannot import the Google Docs format directly, but it can import both .docx and .rtf files.