Scrivener has reverted to the Default/Practice Mode

Hello! Please help me! I opened up my Scrivener tonight and everything is gone. It has reverted to the practice/tutorial version so none of my work is there and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to find it. I have Googled and watched videos and nothing is working.

Can you give me some insight on how to recover my files? And also maybe how this could have happened?!

Would uninstalling and reinstalling the app work? I have not tried that yet but am waiting for further guidance.


Hi Melissa.
Have you checked (looked at) the recent projects list under the “file” menu?
Your project should be listed there.
Likely you simply loaded the wrong project.

Don’t uninstall anything.

Most likely, you’re opening the wrong project. Maybe you’ve started the interactive tutorial last time or opened an empty project.

You might try searching for your project name or the .scriv file name extension in the file explorer and Double-click that file to open your WIP.