Scrivener->htmlbook integration won't be updated for Scrivener 3

After more than a dozen people have requested that I update my HTMLBook compile/transform for Scrivener 3 I came back, purchased an upgrade license and spent a few hours looking at it.

I don’t see this happening. From what I can find, absolutely nothing KB and I discussed back when I created this integration was addressed, the compile mechanism appears to be even less suited to customized output, and support’s response to my query was a blowoff pointer to an empty page with a mention of an Scrivener example book they haven’t even updated for Scrivener 3.

As L&L has made abundantly clear that they aren’t interested in supporting use cases that would make their editor sufficient for the entire delivery chain, I’m not going to invest even more time trying to fight this editor to output something we can mangle.

I love using Scrivener, but I’ve got too much to do to keep investing lost time in this, sorry.

The link I posted worked fine for me, in multiple browsers.

For those reading the thread, here it is again:

Nobody said the link didn’t work. I said

When I take the tiime to craft a detailed question with a clear use case and explicit needs, getting sent to a page that is content free and has nothing to answer my question except a pointer to an example book created for the purpose (apparently) of showing us that projects can be upgraded… it’s a blowoff.

After your answer I knew absolutely zero more than I did before I started, as I’d already gone and upgraded my own projects and did my own investigations into the Compile system and settings prior to posting the question.

Even if it was a good feature walkthrough (I didn’t learn anything from it) a feature walkthrough is not, and will never be, an answer to a specific questions about code-level integrations. It was a blowoff.

I’ve updated the project to indicate deprecation and no further development GitHub - jorhett/scrivener-htmlbook: How to use Scrivener to write HTMLBook

I’m going to be disabling notifications for replies from this forum, due to a recent problem with them being nonsensical and irrelevant to my posts. I have too much to do to be dealing with irrational nonsense.

Moderators: please close this topic to further replies.

You didn’t ask any question in your opening post. You only complained about something.
Why are you so angry?

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Actually I replied in public to communicate a response to a question I receive regularly in various private communications.

And I see nothing but questions: Updating compile settings from v2?, in the topic where I did try to engage L&L.

Certainly no answers other than “yeah we screwed you”

Not angry, just acknowledging that Scrivener’s shortcomings with Compile were apparently made worse, not better, after numerous conversations with Keith in the past that “would be addressed in the next major update”. The blow-off response from support made it clear that it doubling down and working harder to address these shortcomings on my own would be a bad investment.

It’s difficult to answer questions that are not posed.

You asked how to upgrade Compile settings. I replied with our standard tutorial on exactly that question.

While you claim that Scrivener’s shortcomings “were made worse, not better,” you provide no examples of why, only refer to a conversation that – since it occurred before the release of Scrivener 3 – took place at least four years ago.

Objectively, Scrivener 3 provides much more control over the formatting of individual documents within the project, and supports a much richer range of options for automated post-Scrivener processing.

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