Scrivener in French ?


Congratulation for this useful and powerful soft.
Could you tell me if you have planed a french version of “Scrivener” and when ?
I’m waiting for your answer.
Best regards,


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener. I hope to look at localising Scrivener into other languages later in the year. Basically, my plans are to get 1.2 (the next free update) out sometime in the late summer, and then, hopefully, start taking up the offers that I have had from kind volunteers to begin translation. I can’t promise an exact timescale, though, I’m afraid… It could be the end of this year or the beginning of next or longer…

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks a lot for your frankly answer.

I Hope you will follow your planning as you want and I hope to you will offer us a french version of scrivener as soon as possible. Perhaps at the end of this year…

I wish you all my encouragements and the best for you.


Good news ! I’m a new user of Scrivener (new to mac too). I was using Maple (Crystal Office) on PC. I was looking for a similar software (on Mac). Yours is much better than others I tried. I like the ‘Edit Scrivenings’ mode, the full screen mode, the display of the folders content, … Scrivener helps me to store my ideas while writing (and not forget them). All my documents and notes are now orginized in one Scrivener file. Thanks and continue the good job.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Just I want to let you know there are spanish users waiting for that localization too.

I wish you the best too,
Jose Luis.

I am well aware that many users want Scrivener to be localised, but as I am a one-man company my time is severely limited. Localisation - even with lots of volunteers - is a massive task. I hope to be able to turn to it towards the end of the year, but I really can’t make any promises on a time scale. Thanks for your patience!

I use to help in the localization of open source software. Since Scrivener it’s shareware, I can’t offer you free work :wink: on this.
Anyway as a Scrivener user, I’m open to another alternatives than money paid when you’ll decide to undertake this task.

José Luis.

Don’t worry, not a problem. There are lots of volunteers ready and waiting, it’s just a matter of organising it.

About the French quotation marks, there is a space inside the quotation :
« This is a French quotation. »

In Scrivener, the space is missing :
«This is a Scrivener-French quotation.»

By the way, could someone explain me what is the difference between “quote” and “quotation”, as English isn’t my mother tongue?

When you type the quotations normally, don’t you have to add the space yourself? You can always add the space via Typography preferences, though.

As for quote vs quotation: “quote” is the verb (“to quote”) and “quotation” the noun (“a quotation”), except that “quote” can also be used as a noun, too, and means exactly the same as “quotation”. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Of course I added the space in the preferences, but don’t you think it should be the default value?

Thanks for the “quote” vs. “quotation” explanation :slight_smile:

And thanks for Scrivener AND the support, I never say it enough times!

I don’t think it should be the default value if you normally have to type the space yourself, which is why I asked whether you normally have to type the space in other programs. Smart quotes just change the quotes, they shouldn’t substitute extra characters. Otherwise users who have spent years typing the spaces will suddenly find that they have extra spaces in their work.

In Pages they don’t have the smart French quotation marks at all.

But in Word, OpenOffice, NeoOffice when I used to use these programs, there was the space, but the quotation mark and the space was considered as only one character. When you deleted a quotation mark, it deleted the quotation mark and the space at the same time.

I’m afraid I can’t provide the feature whereby the space will get deleted automatically at this time - that would involve a lot of changes to the underlying code. I based the current system on Mellel, to be honest, which doesn’t add the spaces either.


I tried your great software a while ago. I’m a french writer. I’m waiting for a french translation before using it.

I know a lot a french writer would love to buy your product. Having to use an english software is sort of a distraction for creativity.

I’ve seen a similar software in french, but it is not as good as yours.

With this little message, I only hope to be like a post it on your to do list. :slight_smile:


It’s definitely on the to do list! Localisation is going to come after 2.0 is up and running. As soon as 2.0 is out - later in the year - I’m going to get it localised. I’m only sorry that this never happened with any of the 1.x versions.

All the best,

Could be a special “font” maybe? Sounds as if the actual character for the quote was changed to all the character and the space take up the over all kerning value of the character. One could in theory make a font with a special character that had the quote and the space in the one character (replacing the actual quotation character) but then it would only be available in that one custom font…

Wock, I tried with common fonts, but I don’t know what they do to put an extra space. Thanks for trying to find out where this space come from.

Keith, be sure that I would still be more than glad to help you to translate Scrivener into French :slight_smile:

I could translate Scrivener into Slovenian. Not that there would be many buyers from Slovenia (a 2 million nation), but anyway. That’s what localization is about :wink: