Scrivener in Spanish spelling mistakes

First of all: thank you, and congratulations! A Spanish version of Scrivener had long been awaited by many people. I’ll be blogging about it soon, since every now and then people come by and ask about it.

Now that I’ve started using the new Spanish version, I guess I have encountered the first mispelled word. Am I aloud to submit the mistakes, so you can correct them for the next version?

This would be the first one I’ve encountered (and the only one, so far):

Formato > Fuente > Subrayado > Dicontinuo

It should read: Discontinuo, with an -s-…

Thank you again. Scrivener rules. As someone else wrote on another forum, I keep coming back to this software, even if I put every other writing software to test (my OCD is stronger than me, and I love testing software), and I recommend it to every writer or writer to be I meet. My iPad will be complete when it has its own Scrivener… :wink:

Yes, please pass along any mistakes you see in the translations, as we’re eager to make them as good as possible.

Thanks for the kind words about Scrivener!

All the best,

No, thank you for developing this wonderful piece of software. Just for the blog, are you translating the User Manual as well? People will ask about that…

There are no plans to translate the user manual at the moment, simply because it would cost us a fortune. :slight_smile: (Although some incredibly kind Spanish user recently sent us a version of the manual they had translated off their own back, I believe, so that should be made available in an unofficial capacity at some point.) We do plan on getting the interactive tutorial translated, though.

All the best,