Scrivener in Swedish – på svenska?

I have recently installed Scrivener, as a professeional tool to help me in my writing . No surprise, I guess, as that is what the software is aimed to, but as my mother tongue is Swedish, I thought, I rather assumed that all of the software would be in Swedish.
I have tried in vain to select Swedish, but all I get is some supporting documents, very few actually, with the rest in English.
Does anyone have any idea how I should do in order to have it all in Swedish?

To make sure your interface is set to Swedish, go to Scrivener → Settings → General → Language, and check the interface language dropdown menu. If you encounter specific gaps or mistranslations in the interface, you can report them by opening a support ticket, here:

Unfortunately our manual and other documentation are only available in English at this time. There are many third-party books about Scrivener, though, so searching for Swedish language resources might be helpful.

Thx for a swift response.
However, I have selected Swedish from the drop down menu, still most parts of the manual/instructions continue to be in English.
I will fill in a support ticket.


The language setting impacts the user interface, and some of the “metadata” type keywords, numbering counters, etc.

The documentation and tutorial are not translated. Such would be a massive and ongoing undertaking given how often these are revised, and how much there is to translate in the first place.