Scrivener installed via Wine

Dear friends:

Greetings from central Mexico. This is my first post, as I just joined up today.

I see the Linux version has not been updated. I am running my favorite Linux distro: 64-bit LinuxMint, version 17.3 (Rosa). I had no problem installing the Windows version of Scrivener via Wine. It appears to be running great so far (though I admit I am just learning Scrivener).

I am excited to learn all I can from these forums!

Steve :smiley:

[size=150]Greetings from foggy St. Petersburg and many thanks to the developers for this great program! I use Linux Mint 18 64 bits. On Wine Scrivener stood perfectly.[/size]

I am currently testing the Windows version with wine. I run Linux Mint 18 on my main desktop. Scrivener crashes under wine but it is useful. I also have a Macbook pro and I purchased the Mac version of Scrivener, however I will buy a Linux version of this program if it becomes available.

There won’t be another Linux version apart from the current one that is available for free but which is not further maintained by Lit&Lat. Search this forum for details. But: Scrivener does run near perfect on Wine. I’m running Scrivener on Mint 18 too, using PlayOnLinux. Wine version is 1.9.11. No crashes, absolutely stable. Actually the only minor issue is that some config dialogs show a somewhat minified title bar

Linux Mint 18 x64, Wine 1.9.22 Staging and Scrivener 1.9.7 installed via Play On Linux has locks up when trying to copy/cut from both keyboard and mouse selection. (Maybe a regression on how the clipboad is handled.)

Yeah, I believe there’s a bug with the WINE clipboard at the moment. Think it was fixed, however?

Running Wine 1.9.22 (I’m tracking the WineHQ repository) with Debian/XFCE variant. Win/Scrivener 1.97 now refuses copy/paste/ menu commands, and will lock up if I do a ‘snapshot’. Have reverted for the time being to Scriv Linux version. Hope this is a WINE bug that goes away soon.

As I said, use Wine 1.9.11. Works fine for me. No issues with the clipboard.