Scrivener IoS app - corkboard view and moving around large numbers of texts

Hi everyone! I am new to Scrivener and very much looking forward to using it (and the corkboard feature) to move around large numbers of small texts to different folders. The corkboard function and the ability to select multiple scrivenings and move them to a folder (as you would with an email inbox) is the main function of Scrivener that I am interested in. It would be great to be able to do this on the IoS app - is that possible at the moment?

There is no free trial and I wouldn’t like to purchase the app before knowing if I can use that function (essentially I can see myself sat on my sofa, using my Ipad, moving large numbers of texts around to different folders using just my fingers rather than a mouse and a keyboard - is that possible?)

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

There is indeed a corkboard view in iOS Scrivener which presents you with an array of index cards representing the items in (some chunk of) your Binder, i.e. the docs in your project. You can rearrange these index cards and this changes the order of the docs in your project. You can also rearrange the docs in your project directly in the Binder listing.