Scrivener iOS vs macOS (features comparison table anywhere?)

i have both iOS and macOS, but couldn’t find a comparison table of features…
how does the iOS version compare to the macOS one?
(i’m willing to go iPad Pro)

thank you!

I’m mostly interested in how transparently my .scriv files work across platforms.

IOW, if I keep my whatever.scriv file on iCloud drive, or Dropbox, can I open/edit/save on iOS Scrivener and then later open/edit/save on Mac Scrivener, and then back on iOS?


I know the first post is rather old, but to answer that: a comparison table of differences would probably be several hundred pages long! Scrivener on macOS is a huge and extremely versatile program, whereas the iOS version is designed to be a streamlined interpretation of the core fundamentals of the software. Every single aspect of what you have on macOS, that is even present in the iOS version at all, is going to be pared back to the very basics.

That isn’t to say the iOS version cannot stand on its own, it certainly can, but I don’t think it would be at all fair to compare the two directly like that.

As to the second question, basically yes, it can open .scriv projects directly. The macOS or PC version can then merge changes made to the project on the go. As for actually getting the project on or off the device, refer to §14.2, Working with Scrivener for iOS in the user manual PDF, pg. 343.

Yes, if you save it in a Dropbox folder from your Mac and set up the iOS version to look in the same Dropbox folder, and follow the advice in the manual on how to avoid conflicts and bad syncing.