Scrivener Ipad : Scratchpad?

Is Scratchpad available within Scrivener for iPad ?
Or … is there a good way to take quick notes on the go, then import them rapidly into Scrivener ?

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Hi JeanCarlioz, and welcome to the forum.

The Scrivener for iOS device does not have a scratchpad offering.

I’ve set up a specific Scrivener project that I sync between my iPhone, iPad, and my computers using the Dropbox syncing steps.

Then, I’ll add documents to it and use it as a catch-all project when I’m away from home. Later, I can sync it to my Mac or PC and then copy those notes to the relevant projects.

I’m personally not a fan of storing all my projects on Dropbox, but I’ll get ideas at the most inopportune times when running errands. This gives me a way to jot down those thoughts without worrying if I actually synced all my projects before leaving home.

I pair that process with the manual iOS backups just to be sure that my “Running Errands” project has recovery options if needed.

Other users may have their own approach. I’m hoping for some additional tips or refinements that I can use as well.

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Hi, Ruth,
Thank’s a lot for your quick and accurate answer. The “dropbox way” suits me, since it’s efficient and easy (All my Scriveners project are synced within DB).
Anyway, dedicating a specific project is a smart strategy ; I’ll use it and make my mind.
I Also thought of a very basic “catch notes app”, with files that could later be imported in Scrivener.
Thank’s again for your supportive answer.
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