Scrivener is Crashing Again and Again

I am new to scrivener and really liked the program.
I had tried it a few years earlier but I think the current featureset made me a believer.
So I bought it after a week’s trial and it was going great until my file size become ~450MB.
Scrivener then started crashing and I could not get it to stay stable. I had to uninstall scrivener and delete
it’s preferences, re-install and it continued to crash. Very scary considering it had made me really excited
about the writing process with research material avlbl in the same tool. Very useful.

I was aiming to keep all my research in scrivener as it is what makes it the perfect tool for my needs.
So my reference material will grow significantly.

Now, I have a scriv file ~290MB.
When I quit and reopen scrivener, it crashes every time.

My preferences were saving backups on close. So I thought maybe it was loading the backup too
So moved the backup file from the default location and Scrivene opened without crashing.

Then I set scrivener to not open the last project.
I quit scrivener, then opened it again and it seemed to take.

However I quit this program 2-3 times to test and when I reopened it again…it crashed repeatedly.

Now I am scared to open scrivener. I was putting a workflow together in this tool and make it my team’s tool of choice for writing.
Now I am completely puzzled.

Any advise on how this can be solved. How large can the scrivener file get… 1GB/100GB?
If possible would like to keep all my research work in a single Scriv.

Do I have to keep a size in mind?

Any advise would be appreciated.