Scrivener issue


I have a problem or two with scrivener.
I do not use it often but today I got a message saying my trial was over, yet i own a copy.
I tried to enter my name and serial and got a blacklist message.
I thought it was a mistake so I uninstalled and installed the latest version and got same blacklist message.

I sent LaL a message asking what is going on and how to fix it and am waiting for a response.

My question is does using a vpn cause this issue?
I know with some of my other software if I open it while using a vpn it deactivates forever and I have to fight to get it working again with support.
So if I have opened Scrivener while connected to a vpn could that be why my license stopped working?
Or could it be from hardware changes on my system?
I have done some changes and will be doing several more coming up.
My motherboard is being sent for repair once my replacement board shows up.
My replacement board will then be my working board and my repaired board will be my backup.

I have never given or posted my reg information anywhere and i run lots of protection software that scan my whole pc every day.
So I know the issue is not malware or virus issue.

Anyone have any ideas on why I could have been blacklisted?
And how soon can I get them to un-blacklist me?
I guess I picked a bad time as it is the weekend.

Anyways any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance