Scrivener KDP - End to end solution

I plan to publish my book in both Ebook and Print on Demand for Kindle. Does scrivener provide an end to end solution for this or will I need to use other software to mee my goal.

For most people Scrivener is end to end. Some do finish up with Word, or Velum (Mac only)

Or Calibre or Sigil on Windows…

Much depends on the nature of your book. If it is a novel (fiction) consisting in the main of ‘text by the mile’ with little formatting other than chapters, paragraphs and sections, then in all probability you can achieve all your layout for ebooks and print copies using Scrivener’s compile facilties.

If your work is non-fiction, especially of the instructive / teaching type, then page layout and more complicated formatting such as, but not limited to, nested lists and images with wrapped text will sometimes be needed to help convey the message. In those cases, Scrivener’s compile will probably prove to be more effort than you can endure.

Thanks for your reply. I have a novel with text and a few pictures. I see how the compile feature can make a e-book. It looks like toe proper compile type is epub 3 ebook correct?
I do not see how a book with print on demand option can be use in Scrivener. I an currently looking at Kindle Create for this purpose using a word doc as import. Am I going down the wrong direction?

Scrivener can output in every format I’ve seen needed for POD. Typical, .doc/x, PDF.

You should not have any problem getting a good pdf output for a novel from Scrivener. Lots of fiction writers do that and pdf is a top file type for uploading to Amazon for p.o.d. books.

First time setting up of the compile process in Scrivener can require some patience but then so do many things with computers.

Re epub2 or 3 - I’ve seen threads on this forum which indicated that Scrivener had dropped epub2 but that it crept back in somehow. Others have made remarks on the subject. I’m afraid I’ve never used Scrivener for eBook formatting.

I’ve compiled a complex e-book about Scrivener in Scrivener and got a long way. In the end, I did need Sigil to compensate for a few issues concerning nested lists and Styles.

For e-books, I would always choose ePub3 as it is the current standard.

For Print, you can compile to PDF. I don’t know how to add trim Marks, but Amazon seem to like nor to need these. I’m creating my print books in InDesign, as that is the specialized tool for that job.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I am beginning to sort this stuff out. Everyone who has responded to my question has been very helpful.