Scrivener keeps jumping half way down a document

I recently switched from Scrivener for Mac to Scrivener for Windows and I’m having an issue in this version that I don’t remember having previously. I’m editing my novel, which is several dozen chapters each in its own document, with the overall folder selected so I can view the whole thing as a continuous manuscript. Each time I get close to the end of one document, Scrivener will jump several paragraphs down into the next one, so I have to scroll back up to re-find my place. The cursor doesn’t move, only the section of the manuscript it’s showing me in the main window. Is this a bug, or is it a behaviour that I can turn off? Thanks!

Typewriter Scrolling is on.

There’s a button on the Format Toolbar. Or a menu item in the Edit or View menu.

It’s handy when typing continuously, but apita when editing sentences lower than the vertical center if your screen.
On macOS the height of the insert row is a setting, on Windows it’s not.

No I’ve already checked, typewriter scrolling is not on.

It’s a bug in scrivening view. (I think. I get the same, and it sure isn’t intentional.)
For me the thing is random. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

Ctrl-J will scroll back to cursor position. ← [EDIT] It should, but I just tried it in a scrivening, and it doesn’t. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
(Yes, it is annoying.)

I have also experienced this intermittently. Win 11 /

Not at my computer now, but iirc Iwas in a split editor view, and trying to move my cursor to another line. I couldn’t. I’ll check for typewriter scrolling next time. Thanks