Scrivener launches, projects won't open

Like Eric who posted on June 4, I suddenly cannot get into any of my Scrivener projects. WHen I launch Scrivener, no windows appear. I can access the Recent Projects menu, but when I select a project the cursor turns into an insertion point & otherwise nothing happens. If I go to my Documents folder and double-click on any project, Scrivener launches but that’s all.

I deleted the Scrivener preferences and Application Support files, downloaded a new copy of Scrivener, re-installed my serial number—rebooted several times—all to no avail.

I’m running OS X 10.5.2 on an Intel iMac.

First, open up the Console (~/Applications/Utilities/ and see if anything gets output there when trying to open the file. If so, post it here.

Did you do anything to your machine recently? Disable any fonts? Install anything new? The good news is that if this is affecting all projects, it is unlikely to be the result of corrupted projects but rather something that is preventing Scrivener from opening them properly.

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One thing to check is to make sure

Lucidia Grande

Fonts are NOT turned off in Font Book

Thank you for your quick responses. I decided to open Scrivener in another User account, where the same problem occurred, except this time I got an error message referring to the possibility of a problem with permissions. I used Onyx to repair permissions, and that seems to have solved the problem.

I’m guessing that what caused this is that I moved Scrivener into a subfolder, within the Applications folder, for all my writing applications, then thought better of that plan and moved it back out, into the Applications folder. The error message that tipped me off said something to the effect that the application might be in a folder that didn’t have access permissions.

All of the projects are OK. Your responsive support is much appreciated. Scrivener is an excellent application and I’m glad to have it working again.

Glad you got it working and everything is up and running again! Permissions can often be a pain to sort out in OS X…
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