Scrivener Libre office and rtf files

Am considering moving from ms office to libre office and am concerned about the handling of libre office version rtf files in scrivener.
The working relationship between scrivener and libre office will be the determining factor.

Any experiences, references of preferences you would like to share?

Thank you


RTF is Scrivener’s native format. Imported RTF files should work at least as well as imported Word files.


That is true but RTF is not libre office’s native format. Being an open source program all is not as cut and dried nor as consistent as are the components of ms office, etc…
There are compatibility issues elsewhere with handling of files which prompted me to address this. At this point I have no particular issue to point my finger at but several years of work are involved and it would seem blasphemous to gamble on some freebie program if there are indeed uncertainties.

Again, thanks


I would be very surprised if there was any problem with being able to read/ view etc. any of the files. But, if you then wanted to do detailed work refining the exact look of the files and then import them back into scrivener there could be issues.

What is it you want to do which could be problematic? You might try your most complex pages and see if they work ok.

I think you will just have to try this, I’ve long used Scrivener and LibreOffice without any issue (writing large and complex grant projects using it); but I use MMD in Scrivener so my experience will not apply to your current workflow.

I can say that LibreOffice is IMO excellent and can perform better than Word does (figure placement being the main issue for me). It receives regular updates and improvements and the volunteer team does try to triage issues posted to their support system.

Thank you for the posts here. Funny how a spoonful of experience can overshadow a mountain of conjecture.
I have a small test project that will work well for a testing ground and nothing will be lost.

Again, Thanks