Scrivener Links and export

is there a way Scrivener links could “survive” an RTF export?

No, because RTF doesn’t have an in-document linking system, I don’t believe.
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I’ve never heard of anything like that either, with RTF. The only thing that could probably be done is in a manner similar to how LaTeX does cross-referencing, by spelling it out in plain English. “See section SECTION_NAME”, which is rife with problems because that only works for English texts, but more fundamentally Scrivener would have a hard time knowing which is the relevant section it should be printing for SECTION_NAME. It might not actually be the name of the document the link points to, but rather it’s parent, depending on how precise links are meant to be for the publishing guidelines.

Is there a specific version of the RTF spec you are adhering to or aiming at?
(RTF starting from 1.5 has bookmarks and links, as far as I know. But I am obviously not an expert here. I understand that diverging further from Apple’s RTF implementation is probably not what you want. But then again, with the embedded images and footnotes you already have, right?)

I can’t see anything in the specs about bookmarks and links that work in this particular way, although I could be wrong. There are no plans to enhance the current exporters to support anything like this, though.

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