Scrivener Links in Index Card Text

One thing I would love to be able to do (and that would help me better organize my projects), would be to have Scrivener Links within the text of index cards. (If this feature already exists, kindly disregard my ignorance; if so, I’d love to know how to do it.) Such that, on any given index card, I could type “X is murdered; see [[Scene Title]] for the motive”) and have it create the link as it normally would in the text of a document. We can have hyperlinks inside of our index card text, so why not Scrivener Links as well? This probably isn’t a widely requested feature (or, like I said, if it’s there, I haven’t figured it out), but for my purposes, being able to do this would add a new dimension to my use of the Corkboard, by allowing me to link to a scene from within the synopsis of another scene, etcetera. I can also see other situations where this might be good to have, too. The one exception might be where the link refers to the very document whose index card it is typed on; but then, such a thing could be established as being off-limits, and automatically detected. Any thoughts?

Index card text is “plain text” so that it can be displayed in multiple parts of the interface (such as the outliner). I think you’re mistaken about hyperlinks being available in the index card text as well. While I don’t in any way speak for Lit & Latt, I can predict that this request won’t be possible to implement due to technical reasons, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for linking up different documents, such as the document notes, where scrivener links do work.

Robert is correct, this is just a simple text field, and I’m not sure how you got a clickable hyperlink in it to start with. It may be the automatic URL detection system that OS X has, though. I’ve never seen that work in a plain-text field before, however. If you’re worried about accessibility: try opening the Inspector with a corkboard open and click on several different cards with References attached to them. This sidebar will show the corkboard selection, so it is handy as a way of storing and accessing extra information.

At any rate, what you are attempting to accomplish is something that Scrivener already has a solution for: the References pane in the inspector. That is where you can drop relevant portions of the binder and form cross-references between them. The purpose for linking it can be provided in the description field. But if you do prefer freeform text with a “wiki” feel to it, then I agree: Document Notes is the best place to do this sort of thing.