scrivener links within synopses/index cards

hello my lit&lat friends,

i didn’t think i would ever be starting a thread here because i thought scrivener could do everything and more that i would ever need it to do, but i’ve been doing some brainstorming today where i could have used this feature. basically what i’m doing is creating a bunch of documents on a corkboard (just titles and synopses for now), and as i create them i want to link some of them together, but i realized that the option to add a scrivener link in the text of the synopsis is grayed out in the menu. i have a definite feeling that even though i couldn’t find this question/suggestion on the forum, you’ve probably already considered this and have a good reason why scrivener doesn’t do this, but on the off-chance it was just overlooked i thought i’d mention it.

thanks for the consideration! :mrgreen:

The main reason this doesn’t work is that the synopsis field is plain-text, and you need rich text for links to work. It is plain-text because this field is used for a variety of things that wouldn’t work with rich text. What you can try doing is leaving the Inspector open to the References table, and establish your internal links there. Putting them in this list means you can have as many as you want without adding clutter, and they are just as easy to use (and definitely more flexible).

ah, i see. interesting idea to use the reference table…that’s a spot that i’ve pretty much ignored in my workflow up to now (i usually leave the inspector either on notes or keywords), but i will certainly give it a spin. thanks!