Scrivener loses license every time pc is rebooted or Scrivener restarted

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Program: Scrivener for Windows & Linux - Version

Every time I completely exit out of Scrivener or my computer is rebooted, the next time I try to launch Scrivener it tells me my license is invalid and it is reverting to trial mode. The program then closes, and I must reload it, and re-enter my key before I am able to use the program.

Completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Scrivener to no effect.

It’s gotten so bad that I saved the key to a Onenote page just to have it easily accessible.

I know that version 3.0 is in beta, but this problem is getting really old fast.


I have the same issue.

At this point, I’m not interested in 3.0 in part because of this. It’s years late and if after all this time 2 doesn’t even maintain license info, why should I expect 3.0 to not be a sh*tshow when it is released.

Same boat, been happily using the app for a couple years, but this is a deal-breaker, honestly.

It might seem petty, but getting derailed and having to hunt down the serial number on each and every restart, only to hope it can connect to the server the first time and not slap me in the face with “License manager could not exchange data with the server” and being locked out of my projects on the software I paid for is unacceptable. A lot of users have to carve out little scraps of time to write around jobs and childcare, and this kind of thing just throws up yet another roadblock to work around. At this point I’m wondering if I should seek out a crack for something I bought legally. When pirates have a better user experience than paying users something is majorly wrong.

There’s been no helpful reply to this thread since it was started back in July, and I can’t find any useful info in any of the other identical issue threads posted here. Has there been ANY word on a fix?

I have the same issue. It reflects badly on the company.

Did you try sending a support request to L&L directly?

Came here to post this very thing. Happened this morning. What I found curious was the message after I re-entered my code. Seems to say I can’t use Scrivener on my work laptop and my Surface Pro, but don’t worry, I can use it on more than one computer. :unamused:

Folks, L&L don’t support licensing issues on the forum because of privacy issues. If you’d like a response from L&L tech support, use .

Seems like this happened almost 5 years ago.
And about 1.5 years ago:

Happened to me. Again. Third time this calendar year. Happened to a buddy of mine who also uses Scrivener. As far as I can tell, it’s limited to my PC - my phone and tablet are not affected. Ergo, there’s nothing wrong with my license.

This isn’t a licensing issue as such. The licenses are valid. The issue is that Scrivener is losing whatever bit or bits it sets that say “this software is licensed”.

The steps given to “resolve” the problem are a bandaid not a fix, because the problem recurs.

I don’t want any more bandaid solutions. I want a fix.

Or I’ll vote with my feet and go elsewhere.

Yeah, same here. It’s getting old.

I have a theory I want to pursue as to why this might be happening.

For those of you seeing Scrivener lose the license data, do you have Scrivener installed globally as an admin user, or individually as a non-admin user?

Not 100% sure but pretty sure admin, since I am the admin on my laptop and Surface Pro. Running it as Admin the next time it asks for registration was a suggestion made by support - other ideas posted below, none of which really fit my situation, outside of running it as admin next time.

"First, please use Help > Check for Updates to make sure you are running version, as this was released to resolve licensing issues. Already updated, still happening

If that doesn’t fix it, there are a couple of possibilities. The first is that a file to do with activation isn’t being updated so Scrivener thinks you’re unlicensed the next time you launch the software. To fix that, run Scrivener as administrator (right click over the Scrivener icon and select ‘Run as administrator’) and register. Next time you launch Scrivener normally it should stay registered. will give this a try next time

The other possibility is that something on your system is blocking communication with the licensing servers. The usual suspects are anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN software. Deactivate all of these that you use at intervals (monthly, say) while launching Scrivener and that should resolve it. As long as Scrivener can make occasional contact with the licensing servers it will remain activated. only running the basic windoze security, no firewalls or vpns

If that doesn’t help, the developer is currently working on an update which should address some issues we’ve been seeing with licences becoming deactivated. If you have Scrivener set to automatically check for updates daily in Tools > Options > General, you’ll be prompted when the update is available. Already set, and I refuse to comment on future windoze updates from L&L

The good news, at least for me, this works for the license issue described. I am now able to have two separate accounts on my PC and both have the ability to run Scrivener without the need to re-enter the license every time I start it.

Hope everyone else can get their license problem fixed as easily.

We still have this issue. Every time we restart the PC, we need to re-enter our Scrivener license number. It’s very disappointing.


I have been getting this off and on on every start of Scrivener for a couple of weeks now. I’ve found that if I just close the message box that I can continue to use Scrivener without hindrance. I postulate that the problem is that the software make s a single attempt to validate the license, and upon failure - for any reason - throws up the message box. A subsequent attempt - or four - might succeed so this needs some SMOP to fix. It’s really annoying, so please fix this.


Have any of y’all reached out to technical support? They don’t deal with licensing issues on the forums to help preserve privacy, but they can’t help you fix it if you don’t reach out.

Is there a solution to this? Have done everything suggested here, but everytime I close scrivner I am kicked right back to trial mode again.

Hi rhiann,

here’s a fix that might be able to help you: Activation Issue Again - #89 by narrsd

It’s a bit involved, but lots of reasons in that which make it able to work.

As you’ll see in the note, I got this from Scrivener support, and after this, no more troubles – while I have the fix ready should they recur.

If this is too daunting, or not a fix, you should get hold of Scrivener Support where they can talk to you, which is not online for llcense matters.

You’ll find them very kind, friendly, and accurately helpful, and they’ll do this by email.

Here’s the link: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

It’s not Scrivener that’s at fault here, it’s the licensing service, and there are not too many alternatives of those which are suitable for a small business.

Best on this, of course