Scrivener loses work when I navigate between chapters

Hi all! I just did some new writing/editing on a section, then navigated to a different section, and when I came back to the first, my new work was lost and I was back to what I started with. There were no obvious issues, no black screen, etc. I have noticed this happening in the past, but not so obviously.
This is a pretty serious issue for me as I think I have been losing a lot of work to it. Has anyone else noticed this? I do work between two computers but I always close scrivener on one before opening it on another, I’ve looked at backups and can’t recover the new work. I am incredibly frustrated with this and I think that I will need to abandon Scrivener if I can’t figure out what is happening.

How are you working between two computers? With a thumb drive? With a cloud service? If the second, which cloud service?

It might be a sync issue, but it is also possible that you are just not seeing the text. For example, if the view mode was changed between times.

Sometimes people enter text into the content area of a folder itself rather than into the document in the folder and then are surprised later when the doc is empty. Also, the default behavior of folders is to show the docs inside them not their own textual content – and in this way the text can hide from you.

You might try pulling down the binder to reveal the project search Field and typing in some phrase from the missing text (you might need to change the settings of your search field to search the right places in the right way). This may reveal to you where your text is hiding, if it is.


Let me add that using iCloud to sync between macs using the Desktop and Documents feature is known to cause exactly this sort of problem. If this is what you’re doing, you can expect lost data. It’s also recommended that you turn OFF “optimise Mac storage,” as that by itself causes similar problems.

There are ways to work live project syncing between two macs, but iCloud isn’t among them. Please let us know how you’re sharing your project between your machines.