Scrivener Lover Moving On... For Now

To whom it may concern,

I have been using Scrivener for a few years now, very actively the last 18 months. It is by far the best tool I’ve found for writing, it works perfectly for my workflow, it helps me write faster and better. But for all the love I have, I’m not feeling the love back.

My problem is that Scrivener likes to lose my work. Or seems to. I was so excited to be able to work on my desktop in Windows, and work on the go in the iOS app, happily syncing my work between the two. Until the first data loss. Some app issue (?) or syncing issue (??) dropped an entire day’s worth of work. Miraculously, I was able to find portions of that work in backup files. I was hereafter very careful in my syncing: only one app used at a time, always making sure to save and sync. A few months later, another data loss. Two days of writing gone. No backups.

So I stopped using the iOS app for fear of losing more work. I typed as best I could in a separate app, and copied it over later. Two more data losses, each more frustrating than the last.

I work up this morning to find that somehow 2000+ words were missing from my novel. And as much as I want to keep using Scrivener, I can’t go on like this. Once Scrivener 3 is released, I will give that a try, in hopes that it will not have whatever problems I am experiencing now. I’m holding out all the hope I have left. Until then, it’s back to awful tools and ineffective workflows.

I realize this post is more a means to work out my frustration with an app that I desperately want to be able to use. But it’s also meant to provide feedback on my personal experience with the product, and feedback for the community. Perhaps others have had similar experiences and frustrations. I sincerely hope not.


We take data loss very seriously. We’re writers too.

If you haven’t already, please open a support ticket so that we can help you get to the bottom of this:


@Katherine: This is also some kind of collaboration :slight_smile:, even if it is to collaborate with yourself and using two different devices…

Yes, I do this myself all the time. (Though without data loss. As I said, that’s not normal.)