Scrivener + Lulu

I’m looking into using Lulu for printing, and I’m trying to figure out the optimal approach to get my content from Scrivener to a file format they can use. I see they have a 6x9 Word document as a template, but I can’t figure out how to create a comparable 6x9 Word template in Scrivener. Any help greatly appreciated.

to add to the above, right now I’m trying to manually create an equivalent Word template in Scrivener. I’ve set the document size and margins, but Word also has Gutter.

Can I replicate this in Scrivener’s compile template, or do I need to just copy my story to Lulu’s Word tempate?

To set up a gutter:

Results of setting up gutter:

Silverdragon, to the rescue again, thanks!

You’re welcome!