Scrivener MAC and AppleWin ?


has anybody ever tried tunning the Mac version of scrivener on Windows using the AppleWin emulator? Does it work at all? (If it doesn’t it’s good to know in advance ;- )

Thanks and best regards,
Michael Schlüter

As far as I can tell, AppleWin is an Apple IIe emulator for Windows machines and not a Mac emulator. If that’s the case, there’s certainly no way for it to work. If you want it to run under emulation, you need to ask about Parallels, VMware Fusion or other Macintosh emulators. But I suspect that even if one can theoretically get Scrivener running under Mac emulation it would be inefficient enough to drive you back to paper and pen for writing. If you have Windows, use the Windows version of Scrivener for optimal results.

The admins may want to comment further, but that’s how I see it as a Mac user since 1984.

Yeah, the Apple IIe (which is emulated by AppleWin) was a computer from the Jurassic period of computing.

Might as well try to run Scrivener on a TI-85 graphing calculator.

Jurassic? :open_mouth: The Apple IIe was the height of cool when I was starting out. One of my uni friends had one, and we were all s-o-o-o-o jealous! Mind you, this was back in the days when most people didn’t really have computers, so none of us quite understood what he did with it. I think he mostly just showed it off to people, and stuck those rainbow-striped Apple stickers onto it.

We’re not talking about what was cool way back in the olden times, we’re talking about what can run scrivener now. My phone can’t run the Mac version of Scrivener, but it’s several orders of magnitude more powerful than the Apple IIe.