Scrivener mac app domain name

Hi, I was wondering what the domain name for the Scrivener app is. I keep getting a debug window saying to insert <> + a bunch of other words into Terminal. I’m not very computer literate, but I googled how to find the app domain name, but nothing was coming up. I figured I would ask here to get more input. Thank you!

Should be com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3, but…

Don’t do it.

Why not? /gen It’s a really annoying purple window

Like this?

Update to the latest version 3.3.1 (15588), this should fix your problem.

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Ah yes thank you!! Unfortunately, my scrivener is updated to the latest version, so I will have to do this

Oh, I thought this bug was gone for good. Can you reproduce the steps to trigger it? Because this really should be ironed out by @KB for all users, even if you manage to fix it locally.

What is the build number for your copy of Scrivener? (The Scrivener → About Scrivener command will tell you.) The initial 3.3.1 release had the bug, the current build does not (as far as we know).

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It sounds like you should download again and update with that, instead of checking for updates the normal way. There were a couple of small fixes that were made to the download itself rather than creating a whole new version number for them.

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