Scrivener Macbook Pro <-> DropBox <-> iPhone

I’m well into a project started in Scrivener on my Macbook Pro. I just loaded the iOS version of Scrivener onto my iPhone 6+. My plan is to use DropBox (as recommended by L&L) to sync the project to both devices.

So I saved my project into a folder called “Scrivener Projects” in the DropBox folder on my MBP. Then I followed the directions in this tutorial: to set up the iPhone side.

I’m obviously confused, because I can’t see (nor apparently sync with) the folder called “Scrivener Projects” from the iPhone.

I’m new to both Scrivener and to DropBox, although I had a DropBox account 5 years ago that I tried briefly.

Can someone please help me?

In Projects view, tap Edit, tap the settings gear wheel at the bottom, and link to the correct folder in Dropbox.


However, nothing that is in the DropBox folder on my computer appears in the folders available in the iPhone version, whether Apps/Scrivener or Other/Apps/Scrivener.

It’s as though I’m looking at two different locations in DropBox.

On your computer, you created a folder in the Dropbox folder called “Scrivener Projects”? As in …
/[your home folder]/Dropbox/Scrivener Projects/ ?

And when you go to select the folder from within IOScrivener, you’re choosing Other and then “Scrivener Projects”? Or are you selecting some other folder first, before you arrive at “Scrivener Projects”?

And you still don’t see an projects in iOScrivener?

Is it possible you’ve created “Scrivener Projects” folders in multiple locations within the Dropbox folder, so that your project lives in one, but another one is empty of any Scrivener projects?

Can you post any screen shots from the iOS app and the Mac Finder?

Same with me here. I have several Live projects on my MBPro. I installed the iPad version this afternoon. Could it be that the files saved on our Mac’s are zipped and not saved as SCRIV? Im looking at Scrivener, Preferences, Backup. My Mac is set to compress my backups as a .zip file.

Guys- I un-checked the .zip option and now the project shows up on my iPad. I’ll wait until it sync’s and check it later.

That is my approach, except that the folder “Scrivener Projects” does not appear. When I tap “Other”, a folder called “Apps” appears, and when I tap “Apps”, a folder called “Scrivener” (not “Scrivener Projects”) appears. When I tap “Scrivener”, a blank page entitled “Scrivener” appears. Here are some screenshots:

Sorry they’re out of order. I don’t yet understand the protocol for adding images in this forum. I have a couple more and will add them separately below…

Where exactly did you uncheck the .zip option?

In Scrivener on your Mac, on the main menu click Scrivener, then Preferences. Find the Backup icon (on the end) and uncheck "Compress automatic backups as zip files. I hope what I have found here is correct. Once I unchecked this box, I was able to see my test project on my iPad. Hope this helps!

Ok, I believe I’ve got it fixed.

The problem was that the DropBox folder on my MBP was pointing to an old DropBox account. I deleted that account, and everything seems to be fine now.

I did uncheck the .zip box, as suggested!

Many thanks for the help!

You’re Welcome!

For future reference, a troubleshooting guide for iOS sync can be found here: … os-syncing

Regarding ZIP files specifically, it sounds like you were sending your backup project to Dropbox to sync with iOS. Don’t do that. If you do, you’ll apply the iOS changes to the backup copy, not the live copy that macOS Scrivener opens. And chaos will ensue.

You want to store the live macOS copy directly in the appropriate Dropbox folder. The easiest way to do this is (with Scrivener closed) to have two Finder windows open. One shows the project in its original location (your Documents folder, by default). The other shows the Dropbox folder you plan to use. Simply drag from one to the other, and allow Dropbox to sync it up to their server.


I’ve done that, and thanks. My only other concern is that I also have a backup file on my hard drive. Do I really need that if the project is in the Dropbox folder?


If something happens to the project in your Dropbox file, you still have the backup, and hopefully you have some kind of backup fascility in place to backup your Mac. Time Machine?

I do have Time Machine backing up to an external drive. And I can maintain the backup file I’ve got.

Muchas gracias!