Scrivener Manual not deploying.

Having installed Scrivener on a Windows XP OS, the user manual found at the top of the Help drop down menu failed to open. Any suggestions on what I’ve done wrong?

:open_mouth: Frodrik

That menu item should only be openging a pdf file from your harddrive. Check the Resources folder (inside the folder you have installed the Scrivener program in) for a file called manual-win-letter.pdf
(Alternatively, do a search for that filename) to make sure you have it.

Because it’s a pdf, you will need Adobe Reader on your machine for it to open.

Uninstalling then reinstalling the software should restore the manual to the Help menu (although, as pigfender says, you do need Adobe Reader to open it, so check that first). You can also download the user manual separately, from: (letter page size) or: (A4 page size)