Scrivener mentioned on Lifehacker

Congratulations to L&L. There’s an article on tech website Lifehacker about Scrivener. :smiley: That ought to introduce lots of new people to Scrivener!

Thanks for pointing that out, good to see!

(A shame that the only comment at the end is from someone who doesn’t seem to think that the years of work that go into a software program is worth the price of a couple of hardbacks. :frowning: )

Thanks again,

I can see where some people would consider 40$ to be a fair amount of money for a software program. A lot of games cost that much, and we’re inundated with free software.

But then you realize that this isn’t some big software house. This is a couple of people in their garage spending hours to craft an awesome piece of software. And suddenly, 40$ doesn’t seem like so much anymore.

The guy’s also arguing that he should be able to edit Scrivener files in other applications and boo hoo why can’t I do something most people will never care about? And while I agree that the Windows folder vs. OS X package issue is mildly annoying for us Windows people, it’s really not that bad. … nd-windows

There’s a link.

As for its cost, the best way to make it worthwhile is really to do NaNoWriMo and earn yourself the discount voucher. It is definitely worth it. :slight_smile:

As far as cost, I’m 60 years old and have been “trying” all kinds of software for writers for a decade and have purchased several. None, none, none have excited me by showing such potential as Scrivener has. I would pay much more for it and so, IMO, it is a steal at $40.00. Funny, using it makes me want to write more. :wink:

Thank you!