Scrivener MMD and latex \begin{abstract}

complete scrivener newbie (just installed 2.3 tonight).

I want an abstract section in my latex article, as in \begin{abstract}.

Is there a nice mapping to this from putting something in the binder and calling it “abstract”? - I ask because I couldn’t get it to spit out \begin{abstract} - I got \section{abstract} (or whatever level).

I’ve had a google around, and folk are discussing the manual modification of xslt files, but I’m hoping for a more simple solution

thanks in advance for any help


First off, if you’re starting with Scrivener 2.3 then you will be using MMD 3.5, which means – for most of us – no tinkering with XSLT files.

Try this:

  • At the beginning of the abstract text insert:
  • At the end of the abstract text insert . So it looks like:


This do summarise all my valuable work …

  • In the inspector tick ‘Compile As-Is’ for that file. As you are compiling to MMD that will suppress the title of the document.

By suppressing the title, you avoid having \section{abstract} in the tex file. The will allow the Latex code through the compile without making changes, so in your tex file you should get:


This do summarise all my valuable work …


Which should get you your abstract once typeset.

As an added refinement, so you don’t stumble over those latex top and tail parts while writing the abstract, you could have three documents in the binder, one which only contains , one which contains the text of the abstract and a third which contains only the . Again, set all three documents to ‘Compile As-Is’.

Thanks so much for your detailed, helpful reply!
works just as expected…