Scrivener mobi showing wrong thumbnail in Kindle library

Hi, I wonder if anyone can solve my problem which has me scratching my head. I created a file in Scrivener, and Compiled it as a mobi. When I open it in Kindle for Mac, it’s showing the wrong cover in the thumbnail in the Library. The cover it shows is a previous ebook I had made, from a Scrivener file which I used as a template for this latest one, Saving As of course, for the new file.

I’ve been though all the options and double-checked to confirm that the previous cover pic isn’t anywhere in the file. But still it shows up.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

Does the book have the same name? Kindle has its own cache and stores cover images. Try compiling the Kindle file with a different name to see if Kindle recognises it as a new file with the new image.

The thread below has a tip for resetting Kindle’s cache. (Don’t know if the advice works or not.) … p?t=266555

Hi Joro,

Thank you for your reply, that’s appreciated,

The wrong book cover is a different name to the one it should be. I’ll check out the link about Kindle’s cache, thanks, that might work.

Either way, I’ve solved the problem a different way: I’ve downloaded my ebook (with the correct cover) from KDP and can now use that to give to people.

Thanks again.

That is likely going to be a better way of going about it anyway. The .mobi file that KindleGen creates for you via Scrivener is a special format designed for uploading to the KDP. It’s not ideal for direct distribution.