Scrivener + ModBook = ????


I did a search on the forums for modbook and there were no results, so I thought that I'd post here...

I’d love to use Scrivener as it looks like the best writing software on the market and well supported! However, I have not had a Mac since my Mac LC II and PowerBook in college… And I really wanted to get a new HP 2710p, but it looks like there is no real option for OS X emulation on Windows… :frowning: Is this true? I’d much prefer this solution if someone has a way to emulate OS X to be able to use Scrivener in Win XP

OK, so that leaves me with getting the HP 2710p and a cheap Mac to run Scrivener on, or try a ModBook and Scrivener…

Does anyone know what I should expect in terms of Ink integration with Scrivener on the ModBook?

Anyone using Scrivener on a ModBook and have first had info?

Anyone have any kind wisdom for my situation?

Thanks very much,
Will in NC - USA

Think different. A new MacBook Pro gives you an Intel machine on which you may run both Mac and PC software. If you buy Parallels, you have a good emulator that allows you to slip back and forth between Windows and OS X, without needing to reboot.

Keith has stated many times that he’s not going to create a Scrivener for Windows. His Other Software page does point to several writing programs that might be substitutes. But think about it: a new HP runs only one kind of software. A new Mac is far more versatile.

To clarify a bit… The HP 2710p is a ultralight convertable tablet pc.

I don’t care about the OS - It’s about the hardware… I want the ability to be portable and have a tablet…

I am aware that Scrivener will not be re-developed for Windows (I have been haunting the site for a while), and I have tried several windows writing apps and have noted the list of links on those on this site.

What I am wanting if possible is #1 to be extremely portable #2 have a tablet #3 use Scrivener… Preferably in the same device… thus my question about Scrivener on the ModBook (Mac Tablet PC).

What I have thought about since my initial post is getting the HP 2710p (for portability / writing, taking notes / sketches) and a Mac Mini (to use at home for pulling stuff together using Scrivener).

Thanks again,

OSX emulation on PCs is possible, but it’s unsupported and far from ideal. See the OSx86 project for details.

There’s no specific integration between Ink/Inkwell and Scrivener, but Scriv uses the OSX text system, so it would have the same level of integration as, say, TextEdit.

There are no tablet Macs, and it’s unlikely there will be any, in the near future at least. Once multitouch devices start really taking off, who knows?

The HP/Mac Mini combination sounds like your best bet, to be honest. If you’re only going to be using it for low-powered tasks (i.e. not audio/video stuff) you could even use a previous generation model, which can be had for bargain prices if you shop around.

I think Will is refering to the Axiotron Modbook.

Duh. Yeah, you’re right, sorry. Pretty darn expensive, mind… The HP/Mini combo would probably still be cheaper :slight_smile:

Go with the Hp/Mac min combo.

Everything is “off the shelf” and no work arounds are needed keeping you writing and not troubleshooting as much.

Using the HP as the “data gathering” tool and the Mac mini as your “data assembly” tool would probably keep the process the simplest and most reliable.

But I would HIGLY recommend instead of going with a mac mini go with an iMac. Yes it would be an investment of $600+ more for hardware but here are the reasons.

Instead of the hardware addressing the 1 solution (Scrivener) you would have a hardware solution that would address more situations.

The mac mini is a little “light” in power compared to the iMac and you would also still need a third party monitor which “mobility wise” moving a mac mini, monitor, keyboard, and mouse is a little more troublesome than having to pack up a monitor/CPU (iMac) keyboard and mouse.

The iMac can be partitioned to run BOTH XP2/VIsta and Mac OSX using bootcamp without any purchase of additional software or you can purchase 3rd party software and run Parallels or VM Fusion. This givs the power of “both worlds” at your finger tips and allows your imac to not only talk natively with other OSX devices but also natively with XP/Vista devices as well. One box two solutions. (the mac mini can do this as well but does it slower due to its “lightness” hardare wise)

With that in mind your iMac can be the “data assembly” home computer for not only Scrivener but all your PC Tablet data and software. Also the iMac can be used as a “test bed” for new PC software before installing on your tablet making testing and trouble shooting much easier and without worries of causing any downtime for your Tablet which sounds like where a majority of your data collecting (work) will be done. If something happens because of new PC software on your imac you can just reinstall at your leisure without causing any downtime on the Mac OSX side or without any downtime on your tablet. Since the iMac is more robust in power when you work at home/office on your iMac instead of on your tablet the speed difference would make up for the extra price in time saved over one year easy. Also you would have more options not only on the MAC OSX side but also on the PC side because of the better capabilities of the iMac versus the mac mini.

Just my thoughts.

Doesn’t the HP 2710p cost about as much as the ModBook? If so, I would go with the ModBook. I’ve read some very nice opinions by people using it for sketching. I don’t know how it is with handwriting recognition via Ink, but a test with a normal Mac and a graphic tablet should give a good idea of how it is.


As Anthony said, you can get the modbook at just about the same price as the HP and the Mac Mini combo…within 10% I expect, but with the mod you lose the flexibility that comes with having a comvertible notebook with a keyboard. Or can you just plug a keyboard into a usb port on the mod or use a bluetooth connection?

The Modbook has the same ports as a standard MacBook, so I imagine you’d be able to plug in an external keyboard, yes. Of course, you’d also have to find some way to prop it up while typing :wink:


The ModBook is VESA-compliant, so any VESA stand or arm should do the trick.


And yes, as it is a MacBook you can use a USB keyboard or mouse, or a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, though one of the reviewers found that setting up bluetooth to work with a mouse or his phone needed a USB mouse to be plugged in at the time.


While I don’t know the form factor of the Modbook, I did find a very comfortable typing position for a PDA, wherein the keyboard was behind the screen.

Me, lying on the couch, the Newton “standing” on its door like a little A-frame in landscape format on my stomach, the keyboard stuck to my pant legs with velcro. (I think the keyboard came with velcro on the back.) I wrote a good chunk of a couple of NaNos in that position.

Steven Frank of Panic software just bought a ModBook, and reviews it here.

I really appreciate all the thought and effort in helping me in this decision. The HP 2710p is just too compelling for the vast majority of my uses, so I intend to purchase one of those. For the Mac solution I will probably get a low end Mac Mini or MacBook just for Scrivener.

At this point I can’t justify spending the money for the ModBook although it will definitely remain on my radar screen… However, if any Scrivenites try the software on a ModBook, I’d like to hear about it (I’ll stay subscribed to this thread). Once I get a Mac I’ll be purchasing Scrivener and then have more questions :wink:

BTW: In my research, I did find folks that are successfully running OS X on regular Intel machines of all sorts (even the 2710p), but that violates Apple’s EULA. I don’t intend to go this route, but it is quite tempting…