Scrivener not backing up in correct location

In the options, I have set Scrivener to save in C:.…\Backups.
However, the program is saving back-ups for one (only one) of my projects in G:\Documents\Back-ups\Scrivener3.
When I create a new project, the back-ups are saved correctly.
When I change the location in options, back-ups for this one project only are still saved in the incorrect location.
Scrivener used to save in the right place. The last correctly-saved back-up is dated 2022-07-16.

Look in Project / Project Settings / Backup

Uncheck the option to backup to a different location.

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Well blow me down! Two completely different and un-cross-referenced places to set back-up locations. Who’d have thought?

Thank you.

Technically (unless there is a bug (?)), it needs to be activated intentionally.
So the user should know.
This said, you are not the first one to check it and then later forget.
So perhaps a little mention of it in the options panel could be something worth considering.
The other way around? not so much.

Glad I could help.

There are the general settings and the settings for each project. While the general settings may be fitting for the majority of projects for some they might not. The project settings allow deviations from the general settings, be it a different font in the editor or a different location for the back-up. Or even an exclusion of the project from backing up at all. Whatever is needed.

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