Scrivener not recognizing .scrivx files

Ran into an odd little bug today.

If Scrivener is not currently running, and I try to open a .scrivx file directly from its project folder, I get the following message:

However, the file can be opened from its project folder if Scrivener is already running. The file can also be opened from within the program itself by going to File > Open, or from the list of recent projects.

This is happening with all three .scrivx files I currently have. I don’t typically open them through their project folders—the last time must have been a couple of weeks ago—so I don’t know how long this may have been occurring.

You shouldn’t even be seeing .scrivx files on your machine. :slight_smile: You should only see .scriv files - the .scrivx file is an internal file inside the .scriv bundle and shouldn’t be exposed. You’ll only see it if you have got rid of the .scriv extension from the .scriv file, but you shouldn’t do that, as these files are designed to be treated as bundles. So make sure you put the “.scriv” extension back on the enclosing folder. :slight_smile:

What has been done to these files so that they are exposed? Have they come from the Windows version, perhaps? (That adds the “.scriv” extension to the enclosing folder, but as Windows has no equivalent of file bundles, they still look like regular folders so are no doubt more likely to be renamed by users.)

(That said, I can’t reproduce this - if I get rid of the “.scriv” extension from a folder, Scrivener will launch and open the file if I double click on the .scrivx file, asking me to add the “.scriv” extension to the folder in the process.)

EDIT: According to your profile, you are a Windows user - this is the bug hunt forum for the Mac version, are you definitely talking about the Mac version?

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I think this is just posted in the wrong forum section. On Windows this is a known issue at the moment, which we should have fixed for the next update. To work around it, as you saw, just make sure you have Scrivener open before trying to double-click a .scrivx file to load it, or use Scrivener’s Open Existing Project… to navigate to the project and select it.

Oh, sigh. I am using the Windows version. I thought I’d checked to make sure I was in the Windows forum, but apparently not! I’ve already reported my original post to be moved.

In any case, I haven’t renamed the folder or files or anything. If I open up the properties of the project file, it shows the file type as Scrivener Project (.scrivx). Perhaps just a Windows thing?

I’ll use the workaround for now, not a problem (after the initial panic of OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T EXIST). Thanks for the replies, guys!

No problem! I’ll move it across now…

Right, since you’re on Windows everything you’re seeing is normal.The Scrivener project appears as a standard folder with a .scriv extension, which has the “project.scrivx” file inside it.

Was this glitch actually fiddled with the 22 Jun 2012 update? I’m afraid I’m now getting this error AFTER I installed that update. Prior to installation, I could open Scrivener with a shortcut straight to the project file. :frowning:

The problem is with the current 1.2.3 version, yes; the comment is about the upcoming 1.2.4 release, not yet out.