Scrivener not starting on Catalina

Hello everybody,

I purchased Scrivener via the Appstore. Since the OS-Update to Catalina it doesn`t start anymore. The Appstore does not offer an update for Scrivener either. So what should I do?

thanks for your help!

With Catalina, Apple ended support for all 32-bit applications, including Scrivener 2. You need to install Scrivener 3, which is a paid upgrade. More information about upgrade pricing for Apple Store customers can be found here: … crivener-3

If you’ve installed Scrivener 3 and it still won’t start, could you explain what’s happening in more detail, please? Error message? Crash? Something else?


Hello folks,
I have installed Scrivener 3.1.5 temporarily on Mojave. However, I have not yet done the upgrade to Catalina for fear of bugs… Does this latest version work properly on Catalina?
Thanks for any hint.