Scrivener & NWP 3.0.2, a heads-up

With the advent of NWP 3.0.2, I suddenly found I couldn’t edit comments in a document compiled from Scrivener—I found I’d made a bad spelling mistake in a comment!—and had to go back to correct it in the Scrivener project and re-compile. I had never encountered this before, but maybe I’d never had to edit such a comment.

I sent a report to Nisus, and also one to Lit&Lat. I have subsequently received a reply from Martin at Nisus—nothing from Lit&Lat, but no matter.

It transpires that NWP will only let you amend comments with the author-name registered in the NWP preferences, and that the author name in my Compile format differed by the inclusion of my middle initial. I changed it in the Compile format to match the NWP preference name and problem solved.

Martin tells me that he will look into having an alert where names differ like that with the possibility of over-riding the restriction. In the meantime, if you want to be able to edit your Scrivener-originated comments in NWP, make sure the Author Name in the Tag pane of your Compile format matches the Author Name in the General preference pane of NWP.



That…seems unnecessarily limited. What format did you compile it as, out of curiosity?

RTF, and opening automatically in NWP. NWP has always been a terrific partner app for Scrivener; RTF is its native format and it is also built on the Apple text engine, though they have worked hard to modify it extensively … my dream scenario would be if Scrivener had NWP embedded as its editor. But it ain’t going to happen!


Hi Mark,

I’m sorry you haven’t received a reply from our support staff yet. We’ve had some difficulties lately. The update to Paddle activation had some real issues on Windows which has resulted in our support staff being inundated. This week we have taken on an extra support staff member and will probably soon be looking for another too to try to sort out these issues. Obviously we’re not meeting our expected standards if we leave anyone waiting for more than 48 hours.

Thanks for the information!

Thanks Keith. It’s not a problem; the comment was as much to say to whoever picked up my original post, “Don’t bother to reply. The issue has been solved and it’s a matter for us users, not a problem with Scrivener itself or NWP.”