Scrivener on a 4K TV- wish to add another Window

I love the concept of Scrivener, and the index cards on corkboard work great with a 4K 48" TV as monitor because I have all the real estate that I need to work with. My problem at moment is that I wish to simultaneously display the binder, the text I am editing, a file that contains outlines of all chapters, and a file that shows the timeline. I can do the binder plus any two, but I don’t know how to do binder plus any three. Is it possible? With 4K TVs and monitors coming down in price, I think many serious writers will opt for this option because the process of organizing a book can be carried out better with more display real estate.

BTW, I find that a 48" Sony 4K TV works great most of the time as a monitor, but text is not presented as well on a TV as on a monitor. It’s pretty good, but not perfect. To solve this little drawback of the 4K TV, I use a 28" monitor in portrait mode placed right next to the 4K TV and I do my word-processing on the monitor by simply extending my desktop to incorporate both the TV and the monitor.

Any help in answering the question about displaying binder, document, chapter outlines, and Timeline simultaneously would be appreciated.

No resolutions to add here, save, what a great post; very informative. Thank you.

Currently Scrivener only supports the two editors, but we’ll be adding the ability to open documents in a floating window as part of the next major release. For now, maybe you could jury-rig something with the project or document notes, e.g. copying your timeline into the project notes? This could then display in the inspector, which can be widened so it looks like just another editor split. Project notes can also be opened in a separate window from the Project menu.

Thanks for giving me a short-term idea and hope that Scribner will evolve as screen resolutions continue to grow. I’ll be looking for the next version!

BTW, I enjoy using Scribner on this 48" 4K TV more and more. I am very happy with the size of the TV and would not opt for anything smaller.

This weekend I’m working to finish an 80 page creative thesis. The organization tools of Scribner really make research archiving easy.

With a v. :slight_smile:

OK, I promise to call it Scrivener from now on instead of spelling the name as if it is Ernest Hemmingway’s publishing house.