Scrivener on Android

I am starting this post as I am working on getting Scrivener running on Android Tablet. I have not finished testing and looking for help from others that are interested in getting Scrivener running on android tablet.

I am using Samsung 7fe . I have installed (side loaded) an app called “winlator”. This uses wine to run windows apps on Android. There are a couple videos on YT about the winlator and how to use. I plan on writing up in details once I have finished. (As long as thats Ok with L&L.

Once winlator is installed, you will need to download the exe from L&L sites, the windows 64 bit version, place in the androids download folder, then access it from inside winlator (basically a windows desktop with file explorer) and install it. NOTE:: It will take a while before the first screen of the install is displayed. About 3 min. Follow the install, add icon to the desktop.

When finished, you will need to exit winlator. Go into the setup, environment variables and add "
WINEDLLOVERRIDES" as a variable name and set the value to “sapi=d”
This will disable the speach, and allow Scrivener to get past the “Loading Fonts” screen.

Once that is done, open winlator, double click on the desktop icon for scrivener and it should launch. (Takes about 30 seconds to start up.)

Because I broke my keyboard for my tablet I was not able to do anything inside scrivener. Once my new keyboard gets here I will pick up where I left off.

With the exception of the env var I left all the rest of the settings in winlator default.