Scrivener on Arch Linux


First let me thank the Scrivener team for bringing this fantastic package into Linux. I’ve installed Scrivener on my Arch Linux machine within few minutes. It works like a charm. On Arch use the following command:

 yaourt -S scrivener 

I have, however, few questions:

1- Importing a webpage (as Webpage Complate (MHT) or even as PDF) does not seems to work. It gives the error: Could not retrieve content at address…faiedtostart. Is that a feature that still need more work as this still a beta version?

2- I understand that there is a way to write math equations on the MAC/Windows versions by using MathType software. I wonder if the Scrivener development team is considering some options (e.g. Latex) to allow Scrivener of writing at least basic math equations.

3- This is a wish…! As a scientist and heavy user of Linux I wish if Scrivener would be able to incorporate academic bibliography tools such as Zotero, Mendeley amd Jabref. Currently, only Libreoffce (and I think Apache Open Office) is capable of using Zotero. Other emerging word processing tools such as WPS office and Calligra Suite do not have such capabilities yet or maybe ever and so adopters from the research world of such tools would be next to nill!

I feel that Scrivener brings a new generation of word processing into linux and it seems much closer to do such thing. If that could be done soon then I am sure that it would be quickly adopted by millions of researchers who love and support open source projects. Without such bibliography capabilities, I am afraid that academics and students will hesitate before deciding using Scrivener for their University work. I therefore, encourage the Scrivener team to prioritise this bibliography option and hope to see such integration in the coming stable version.

I decided to donate for the Scrivener linux and I encourage everyone interested and in support of OpenSource projects to donate to get this fantastic tool into our favourite linux platform.

Best Regards

I face a similar issue with the import of docx documents. They lead to the following error:

cannot import docx. converter missing

+1 for Mendeley or Zotero support.

For now, you can write your work in MultiMarkdown and use Pandoc to take care of your refernces.

More information:

Thanks for encouraging me to do the same!


Just an fyi to this thread, the maintainer bailed. Scrivener is orphaned in AUR at this point.
I’d take it, but I don’t have enough time at this point, nor do I have experience maintaining an AUR package.

Hopefully someone WITH those pre-requisites will be able to hop in the driver’s seat.

I HAVE bought the full package to support it…but linux is where I live and prefer NOT to use a wine version.

That all said, for what I’m doing, this application is a god-send and works very well in its current state.