Scrivener on Beta of 10.7

Hey Mr. and Mrs. Forum!

Anyone experiences with Scrivener (2.05) on 10.7? Is it prepared for the new OS X?

Thanks for any report!


If you have Lion, I assume you are a paid-up developer - 10.7 is only open to developers signed up for the Mac developer program - and thus know that Lion is under NDA at the moment, so I can’t really comment on the details, as I’m sure you understand. Scrivener does already work on 10.7, but I’ve only tested it briefly and no specific work has been done towards that end just yet. I’ll be doing all the necessary work closer to the time of 10.7’s release; there are a few higher priorities in the meantime. But you can rest assured that Scrivener will work on Lion when it is released.