Scrivener on Chromebook?

When will there be a Scrivener app for Chromebook?!
Most students here in France use Chromebooks, and most writers too, especially those who work outside home, and I just can’t understand why Scrivener is not responding to this huge market :roll_eyes:
My Dell laptop is expiring and I have to invest in a new device. So of course I’m going to buy a Chromebook (I can’t afford a Macbook). It’s so light and pratical, it fits in a handbag next to my lipstick and my sunglasses !
It will break my heart not to be able to use Scrivener on it.
And reading posts on installing Crossover or Linux makes me very reluctant to use those.
So? Any 2024 news about the Scrivener app for Chromebook?

No, we have nothing to report on this front.

Thank you for your answer. What a shame :frowning: Do you know why?

You’re a student, right? Let’s say you’re studying history. An interesting subject. And let’s say you’re also interested in biology and mechanical engineering. You could study everything at the same time. But you don’t do that. Why not? Why don’t you respond to your interests? (analogy to “responding to a huge market”).

Precisely. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your reply @AntoniDol !
I had already read this post, but unfortunately, it doesn’t apply in my case, as my PC is dying and I intend to replace it by a Chromebook. So I won’t be able to use my deceased PC to run Scrivener while I work on CB ;).
Have a good day :slight_smile: